Classroom Faculty and Staff
  • Mrs. Victoria Aurswald, BA, Teacher

  • Christine Bruzek, Masters of Occupational Therapy

  • Mrs. Mary Beth Castaneda, MS, Teacher

  • Mrs. Catherine Colby, MSW, Guidance Counselor

  • Mrs. Beth Gillespie, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Mrs. Ella Gunnin, BA, Teacher

  • Mrs. Jennifer Hill, MA, Resource Teacher

  • Mrs. Laura Humphrey, BA, Teacher

  • Mr. Thom Laux, M.Ed, Teacher

  • Ms. Vicki Lang, Teaching Assistant

  • Ms. Alyssa McGee, Teacher

  • Ms. Pam Miles, MA, Art Teacher

  • Mrs. Miralys Reffett, BA, Teacher

  • Mrs. Phyllis Steele, MA, Teacher

  • Ms. Jenelle Vinachi, BA, Teacher

Office and Administrative Staff
  • Mrs. Sue Conza, MA, Principal

  • Mrs. Kathy Brasseur, Scholarship Coordinator & Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Walley, MS, Office Manager