Morning Star achievement center building

Capital Campaign Architectural drawings

Morning Star achievement center building

Capital Campaign has begun

Our capital campaign drive has begun!  Look what we are planning!  We are “Creating Our Future”!

Our dreams are large but we know with your help we can see them become a reality! Morning Star is investing $3,000,000 to expand and improve campus facilities.  Our goals include:

  • Providing needed space for our transition program and growing high school enrollment
  • Strengthen campus security
  • Creating space for life skills classrooms
  • Improving our parking and traffic flow during drop-off and pick-up
  • Create a new outside playground area for blacktop games including basketball, hockey, 4 square, etc…

Final rendering drawing for campaign

This rendering shows all the upgrades planned including the creation of the new achievement building and the connecting of the other buildings to create a unified front entrance and office area.  Our existing high school buildings will be transformed into life skills classrooms where our students can learn about what it takes to live in a community or on their own.  We will be able to provide services for students beyond our current level of high school graduation and help them with the process of integrating into society as the hard working individuals that they all are. What an amazing gift this will be when it is completed!  If you are interested in helping our dreams become a reality, please reach out to our school, 727-544-6036 or email our principal, Mrs. Sue Conza.